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57Examples of such platforms include Microsoft Workplace Analytics and Work Insights (Google)
58Examples of such platforms include Woebot and Moodkit
59Examples of such platforms include Time Doctor and
60Examples of such platforms include Polinode and OrgMapper.
61Examples of such platforms include Workona, GestStation and Veamly.
62An example of such a platform is Calendly.
63Examples of such platforms include Activeinbox and Sanebox.
64Here is one of these solutions:
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101Watch this video of the first world’s first haptic telerobotic system. It transmits realistic touch feedback to the user located anywhere in the world.
102One of the rare examples where machine learning is used to support smelling and tasting senses: Esat Dedezade, 2019. “Meet the world’s first AI-created whisky”.
103Popular technology vendors are Abbyy, Taiger, Workfusion and Antwork.
104The main technology vendors on the market are Philips, Siemens and IBM Watson. New entrants with innovative solutions are Arterys, Gauss Surgical, and Zebra Medical Vision.
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109Technology vendors on this market are Epiplex or Legito.
110In this video, you can watch what a Tesla's full autopilot (IA-based) sees:
111Watch the first iris tracking technology and read how it opens the door to amazing applications:
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127A popular platform is Sovren.
128A popular platform is LexNLP.
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162Watch the video here: It shows the medical doctor dragging and dropping algorithms and data features to analyze data correlation.
163There are only a few technologies available on the market like Talon, or Dragon by Nuance.
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171For example, RoboSuite by Reveal Group helps to perform this high-level assessment automatically based on the collection of a few business indicators.
172Kryon, 2018. “Kryon Introduces Process Discovery”.
173Here is an example of such a solution in action: Kryon, 2018. “Kryon Process Discovery”. YouTube. Watch a demonstration showing the four steps of a process discovery:
174Businesswire, 2016. “Celonis Launches the First Enterprise-Class, Big Data Analytics Process Mining Platform“.
175Here is an example of such a solution in action: SAP Technology, 2016. “Introducing SAP Process Mining by Celonis”. YouTube.
176Here is an example of a data discovery platform: Also available in video here: “SparkBeyond at Microsoft Inspire July 2018”. YouTube.
177Watch the video here:
178DataRobot, 2019. Benefits to Data Scientists.
179Choiceworx was the first company to launch, in 2019, a universal intelligent platform for maintenance and monitoring of automation programs:
180Here is an example of such a platform:
181Amazon Technologies, Inc, and Jonathan Evan Cohn, 2017. “Ultrasonic bracelet and receiver for detecting position in 2D plane”. United States Patent and Trademark Office.
182Kirsten Korosec, 2019. “Researchers developed a sensing system to constantly track the performance of workers”. TechCrunch.
183BBC, 2017. “Wearables at work: Are we trading our souls for a few flashy trinkets?”
184Example of an application with AR Sticky Notes:
185Bloomberg, 2017. “Could This Hologram Headset Replace Your Office?”
186Pascal Bornet, 2019. “Holographic telepresence is changing the way we communicate remotely in real-time”
187Illustration of Paribas and Orange use cases here:
188Visit Spatial’s website here:
189Pascal Bornet, 2019, A hologram of you speaking any language.
190Mashable Deals, 2017. “Company microchips employees for access to the office”. YouTube.
191CNBC, 2017. “This Wisconsin Company Is The First U.S. Business To Implant Chips In Its Employees”. YouTube.
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193See the demo in action: Xiang Zhang, 2017. “Online non-invasive brain typing through EEG-based BCI”. YouTube.
194Here is a demo of such technology: Pascal Bornet, 2019. “New generation of prosthetics can read minds... (almost)”. YouTube.
195Pascal Bornet, 2019. “Generating speech from brain activity”. LinkedIn.
196More information on the Neuralink project:
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247Read more about Aera here:
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